Easily create your own textures

When I started painting abstract, I quickly expressed the need to create textures!

So I immediately looked for the product/medium that would meet my needs in fine art stores.

I have to admit I was extremely frustrated by the prices of the various texturing mediums on offer.

Indeed, I find (even today) that the price of mediums is totally unjustified.

Then when I got home, I said to myself: “This is stupid, I don’t want to leave it at that!

A few days later, I put an end to a stroll when I saw the edge of a sidewalk: “I know what I need! It’s sand!!!”.

Here’s my recipe for making superb textures for just a few Euros

I make a simple mixture that produces superb textures. You can adapt this recipe to suit your needs.

I use :

  • Gesso
  • Sand
  • Water (not mandatory)

Don’t know what Gesso is? Never mind, I suggest you discover it in this video & article: Le Gesso

First step: Gesso

In a plastic plate, pour your Gesso in quantity.


Second step: Sand

Pour your sand directly into the Gesso. I’d recommend taking it one step at a time, and not putting in too much sand at first.

Step 3: Mixing

Mix sand and Gesso together using a painting knife.

Once everything is well mixed, you can add sand as often as you like.

Adapt the mix to your needs

Depending on your needs, you can continue to add sand to your preparation until you achieve the desired result.

Apply your preparation to your canvas

Make sure your canvas is well stretched before applying your mixture.

Next, I recommend you apply your mixture using a painting knife.

Then wait a few hours for the Gesso to dry and set the sand it contains.

Then you can paint your picture with the colors and technique of your choice.

Some examples of paintings with textures

Here are a few examples of the texture-based paintings I’ve been creating for several years.

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