Acrylic paint: Crackle effects

For the creation of a future abstract painting, my idea was to create crackled areas on which I could then paint on the surface with acrylic paint.

My idea is to create a painting that gives the impression of ageing, with rubbed, worn and damaged areas…

So I looked into the various methods available and settled on an acrylic auxiliary: Crackle Paste.

So I bought a jar of Golden brand Crackle Paste.

How to make a crackle effect with Crackle Paste

Like molding paste, crackle paste is a paste to be applied as an undercoat on which you can then paint with acrylic paint, for example.

In my case, I created a test area: 4 zones marked out on a cotton canvas.

Applying cracking compound

Cracking after drying

After 24 hours of drying, the cracks appeared as if by magic!

I recommend the following tips to make your result interesting and convincing:

  • Use a very diluted acrylic paint
  • Use color combos that work together, such as sienna, burnt umber and so on.
  • Blot your diluted paint with a paper towel to give an impression of wear and tear.
  • Brush with undiluted acrylic paint
Result after 24 hours of drying of the Cracking Paste
Results after various applications of acrylic paint

In my various tests, I’m particularly interested in the one I did with Terre d’Ombre Brûlée acrylic paint, among others.

The impression of wear and aging is there, and this opens many doors for the creation of future abstract acrylic paintings.

Various tests, some more convincing than others.

What did you think of this effect? Have you ever experienced the crackle effect? Feel free to share your comments and impressions at the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance!

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