Getting started in painting: How to get started!

“I’ve decided to start painting abstract!”

Great, you’ve made the right choice! But I know you’re wondering where to start in this universe you may not even know…

What equipment do you need for abstract painting?

Good question! It’s true that getting started can be frustrating, but you’ll need to find the right equipment to produce your first masterpiece in the right conditions!

To put it simply, to begin abstract painting I recommend:

  • A stand (I recommend a canvas frame)
  • Brushes and spalters
  • Painting knives
  • A palette
  • An easel (or not)
  • Varnish
  • And of course paint!

On this subject, I recommend that you discover my EBook, which you can download free of charge. This digital book entitled “
An equipment guide to abstract painting
“will quickly equip you to create your first abstract paintings.

Your first painting

The first painting is exciting, frustrating & depressing at the same time 😉

Indeed, you want to express yourself, to achieve something without knowing how to do it…

Many obstacles, such as the fear of wasting paint, wasting canvas, the fear of getting dirty, and so on, will probably prevent you from expressing yourself fully.

Experiment, create your “thing”!

Have fun, have fun, let your creative side explode. The way I see it, you shouldn’t put up any barriers if you want to express yourself in abstract painting.

Practice makes perfect!

You probably won’t create a work of art from the start, but that doesn’t matter – it’ll be YOUR work, and that’s priceless!

And then there’s no secret: it’s by practicing that you’ll learn from your mistakes, discover your “touch” and your ability to be creative.

Never give up!

This is all too often the case… I often come back to you to ask where you are in your artistic activity, and I often get answers like:

  • “I’m quitting, I have no talent!”
  • “I’ll never make it I don’t have enough time…. “
  • “I’m too old to learn painting!”
  • “I’m quitting, I started a month ago and haven’t sold a thing…”
  • “I want to paint but I don’t understand anything”.
  • “I was told it was ugly…”

It’s such a shame, and when I hear this I want to shake you and say,“Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

If you’re passionate about it and really believe in it, you absolutely must hang on and let NOBODY change your plans.

Understand that you must do this for yourself and for no one else.

Desert crossing syndrome!

It’s a known fact, and you’ll probably have to face it. Indeed, each new business launch is stimulating, and at first you feel extremely motivated.

Then, after a while, you’ll quickly realize that things are slowing down (in most cases).

Success doesn’t always come, and it’s easy to get discouraged and give up.

This is what we call“crossing the desert“. It’s at this point that you must once again have faith in yourself and your passion: Raise your head, hang on and it will pay off!

My beginnings

It was complicated! I didn’t know which paint to buy, didn’t know the difference between acrylic and oil paints! etc etc etc.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide to abstract painting materials. I hope this helps you avoid making the same mistakes I did! 🙂

My first painting

Just for fun, I’d like to share my first painting with you on video. It’s not my first attempt, but the first painting clumsily done on a cotton canvas.

I decided to make a black and white board, because for me it was the simplest approach for a beginner.

And in retrospect, I’m proud to have kept this painting and to continue making lots of new ones! 🙂

Whether you’re motivated or not, please leave a comment about your own experience or leave your questions! We’re going to help each other!

Pack offert : Techniques, matériel & guide

Pour vous lancer dans la peinture abstraite dans de bonnes conditions, je vous offre ce pack comprenant mon guide du matériel, un cours de peinture abstraite et une avalanche de conseils !

Continuer et télécharger

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