How to make your own acrylic paint

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Would you like to create your own acrylic paint? It couldn’t be easier!

Acrylic paint composition

In fact, it’s quite simple! Acrylic paint is composed of pigments and a binder.

What is a pigment?

A pigment is a coloring substance, whether synthetic, natural or mineral.

Pigments are now generally created chemically and presented as a fine powder.

What is a binder?

A binder is a sticky substance used to create your acrylic paint. Its role is to blend and hold the pigment. This also ensures adhesion to your substrate after drying.

The process of creating acrylic paint

To create your paint, place a quantity of binder on your palette. Then sprinkle on a few pigments of your choice.

Next, I recommend using a paint knife to mix everything together, taking the time to mix everything properly.

If the result is fade/gray, you haven’t used enough pigment. Sprinkle again with a few new pigments.

(I recommend you watch the video above to get a good idea of the mixing process).

The quality of the paintwork

You can create your own fine or extra-fine paint.

In fact, depending on the quantity of pigments you use, you can have different types of paint:

  • If you use few pigments, you will obtain a study-type paint or fine paint.
  • If you add more pigment, you can obtain an extra-fine paint (provided that the pigment used is of good quality and optimally ground).

Where to find binders and pigments?

Here are a few links to low-cost binder and pigment orders.



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