How to succeed on Instagram?

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Are you an artist who wants to use Instagram to share your art and create closeness with an audience? I think you’ll find this article and video interesting!

Here I’m going to share my little tips and how I use Instagram as part of my artistic life.

Artists : How do I get visibility on the Internet?

The Internet has become an excellent opportunity to give visibility to your artistic project.

The Internet can be a good means of communication for artists, as they can regularly share photos of their art, their work, their creations and, more generally, their artistic life.

There are many ways to gain visibility on the Internet:

  • A website
  • Blog
  • Specialized websites
  • Social networking
  • etc

It’s also possible to create a YouTube channel, and this will also involve video referencing.

Instagram: What is it?

Instagram is a successful social network that has been widely used in recent years, and has the advantage of being all about the visual.

Instagram is quite different from other social networks. Indeed, it’s all about the photo & the visual.

This social network is dedicated to mobile use. And it’s quite clever, too, as it enables millions of users with their smartphones in their pockets to share photos of their daily lives easily and at any time.

As an artist, I think you know what I mean…

Artists : Why use Instagram?

As explained above, Instagram is all about sharing images and photos. It’s a wonderful opportunity for all artists.

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, plastic artist, pastellist, etc., etc. Instagram will allow you to share all your creations and your artistic life on a daily basis.

How do I use Instagram?

Instagram subscription

First, simply install the application on your mobile and create an account / or log in with your Facebook credentials (if you have any).

Look after your Instagram profile

Instagram profile

On your profile, I recommend that you :

  • A relevant description
  • Add a link to your website, blog or YouTube channel
  • Use a relevant profile photo to be easily visible and maximize your chances of attracting new subscribers.

Instagram: Creating an effective post

Here’s a short, non-exhaustive list of what I recommend you do as an artist for your various publications.

  • Use a beautiful photo, with beautiful colors that will captivate your audience.
  • Use Instagram’s photo filters to enhance your photo
  • Take the time to describe your photo with a pertinent description.
  • Solicit your audience by simply asking a question, such as “Here’s my latest painting, what do you think?”
  • Use “Hashtags” with relevant keywords related to your visuals

How to get lots of followers on Instagram?

There isn’t one specific trick that will make your subscriber numbers explode overnight.

The best advice I can give you is to be patient. This is definitely and once again the key to getting your Instagram followed by a large, targeted audience.

As with everything, things take time, and if you’re impatient you might as well move on.

The right frequency on Instagram

There’s absolutely no point in posting dozens of photos a day on Instagram, it won’t help you go any faster.

Ideally, between 3 and 5 photos per week.

It’s up to you! What’s your Instagram address?

To give you a helping hand, if you’re an artist and have an Instagram, I invite you to share it in the comments at the bottom of this page, along with a short presentation.

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