How, why and what to sign acrylic paint with

My personal experience

When I started painting abstracts, I never thought of signing my paintings.

I quickly realized that this was a mistake and that it was important to sign your paintings.

So I decided to take responsibility for my paintings and sign them. The problem was that I wasn’t really comfortable with fine brushes and was simply afraid of messing up my signatures.

I quickly turned to other solutions such as Posca. It’s simply my favorite solution for signing all my paintings, but I’ll come back to that later.

Why should you sign your painting ?

I think it’s important to sign your painting. I know it’s a bit daunting at first, but I urge you to do it !

Here are the different reasons why I think it’s important to sign all your works :

  • It’s a way of taking responsibility for your work
  • It’s proof of the authenticity of your work.

If you’re afraid of signing your paintings, I highly recommend you take a look at my article on ” How to be confident when you’re a painter “.

  • Some are afraid to sign
  • Style, don’t necessarily sign
  • It’s a way of making sure you’ve got your act together.

What to sign a painting with ?


Prefer fine brushes to obtain a fine signature and gain in precision.


Posca is a kind of pen, but it’s made of acrylic paint. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to sign your paintings. In fact, you benefit from the hold of a classic pen while applying acrylic paint.

There are different sizes available, but I usually use the thinnest Posca, i.e. 0.7 mm.

Buy Posca 0.7 mm from the fine art giant

How to sign your painting

The signature on a painting is something personal

You need to find a signature that’s distinctive and recognizable, and I recommend that you try to keep the same style signature throughout your career.

Don’t sign too close to the edge

For reasons of balance and guidance, I recommend that you don’t sign too close to the edge.

For example, if you’re signing a canvas in the bottom right-hand corner, make sure there are a few centimetres between the edge and your signature.

Sign your painting BEFORE applying your varnish

It is important to sign  your canvas before varnishing it. Otherwise, your signature won’t be protected like the rest of your painting.

Be creative

Try to be creative and don’t systematically sign the bottom right-hand corner of your canvas. As in the following photo, you can see that I try to make my signature an integral part of my creation.

To conclude

I hope you enjoyed this article. And how do you sign your paintings ? What media do you use ? (Please reply below in the comments)

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