Art therapy as an outlet for illness: Annie’s testimony

(Photo caption: Abstract painting by Annie)

Artistic practice can be an excellent way of coping with illness. Art therapy is a real outlet. It brings out the deepest emotions. Art therapy allows us to distance ourselves from our illness, ease our suffering and see it in a new light.

Annie’s testimonial

This week, I’m delighted to introduce Annie, who is courageously fighting her illness with art therapy.


Annie is 67 years old. Three years ago, he was told the unacceptable: lung cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy, nothing is spared. With consequences for her appearance. “I had a big problem with my image,” she confides.

In this terrible ordeal, Annie found an outlet: painting. “I’ve always loved it, but I didn’t practice at all until I took part in a workshop run by the Ligue contre le cancer”, she explains. “First I painted ‘cancer’. It was a way of talking about what I was feeling. Annie began to paint every day, sharing her passion with other sick women. “These are very cheerful workshops, full of laughter and good humor,” says the young grandmother. Who has also signed up for drawing classes at the Maison des jeunes et de la culture. My canvases are becoming more and more cheerful and colorful,” Annie enthuses. I’ve forgotten my illness and reconciled myself with my body thanks to painting”.

A return to her joie de vivre that she wants to share. Having just discovered abstract painting, she wanted to create a picture for her granddaughter. “I know she’d like to have something of mine…” As for those who, like her, are going through this kind of ordeal, she urges them not to turn in on themselves. “It’s hard to talk about cancer, but painting, writing and music are arts where you can express yourself without words,” she stresses. It’s kept me going for the last three years, so lift up your hearts, life is beautiful!”


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