How to gain self-confidence as an artist

Like many other painters, there are times when I seriously doubt my work, my creations, or even my ability to be a painter.
It’s a human feeling, and ultimately a perfectly normal one. (Honestly, I prefer to question myself as much as possible rather than think I’m Picasso!)

Imposter syndrome

impostor syndrome
is widespread among artists who lack self-confidence.

But what is the syndrome with the barbaric name?

It’s as simple as being convinced that everything that makes you successful is the result of a combination of circumstances, luck or your relationships.)

An artist suffering from impostor syndrome will feel that he is deceiving his audience, and will be convinced that his work, his art, has no value whatsoever.

How to tell if you’re suffering from impostor syndrome:

  • You’re not comfortable with compliments on your paintings
  • You systematically doubt your art
  • You are demanding of yourself and a perfectionist.

It’s very likely that you suffer from this syndrome!

By identifying the thoughts associated with the above points, you can simply change them and persuade yourself that they represent so-called irrational fears.

I want to hear you say loud and clear:

  • I love and am proud of my paintings
  • I’m competent and my audience proves it
  • The more I progress, the more I work and the more I build up my self-confidence.

Take stock of your artistic creations

We often have the annoying habit of letting ourselves be filled with negative thoughts! And it’s common to say to ourselves, ” My work is worthless!” or ” I’ll never sell a single painting!

Have you verified your claims? What do you base that on?

So take the lead: Get as many objective opinions as possible on your paintings: ask your family, friends, anyone who can give a constructive and relevant opinion.

If the reviews are positive, you need to understand that you’re facing irrational fears.

Challenge yourself and hang on!

To gain self-confidence, you need to persuade yourself that your art has value, that you are capable of creating art and that you have a rightful place as a painter.

I didn’t say that success in your artistic activity would be easy. It takes time to be considered and to gain notoriety, but it’s your positivity and perseverance that will make all the difference!

As I often tell you, hang in there! Show that you’re determined and have a lot to show and share!

What about you?

Now that you’ve read this article, do you think you lack self-confidence? Please let me know in the comments below.

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