Video: How to make a red, black and yellow painting

In this video“Learn how to make an abstract painting #2“, I share how to make a triptych-style abstract painting.

Table presentation

I love working on triptychs, I find it’s a format and configuration that suits me.

My working method is to produce a single visual spread over the three canvases making up the triptych.

Steps for creating the painting

Creating the central shape

I arrange the frames side by side and start by spaltering a central black shape.

Red to accompany the black shape

As is often the case, I love pairing red with black – it’s a very effective combo.

From the outside in

Not a very conventional technique, but as you know, I experiment and work the way I want.

So here I’ve decided to color in yellow from the outside in. To do this, I dilute with water at different rates depending on the desired result.

The interior

Next, I decided to paint the inside of the picture in a blander color so as to gradually create a gradient with the yellow.

After further work on the central shape of the painting, I accentuate the transitions and refine my gradient.

Reveal the colors!

In this last part, I rework certain areas of the painting with yellow and other colors to reveal the first layer of paint.

What do you think?

What do you think of this picture? If you saw things differently, how would you have approached and realized this creation? Can’t wait to read you!

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